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We're dedicated to boosting every child's confidence and helping them thrive. We work closely with a team of specialists to offer steady support and stability to both you and your child as you navigate life's challenges. Our goal is to be a source of hope for those who feel overlooked or struggle to communicate their needs, showing that consistency is possible.

The Anatomy of


The emotional and intellectual energy. A person’s emotional nature and sense of identity.


According to ancient Egyptian culture, the spark or Ka is the life force of the soul. Also represents a small amount of something that has the potential to become something greater. 

The Soul Spark

Formed to emulate a unalome, a Buddhist and hindu symbol representing the soul’s journey indicating both the struggles faced and the harmony that can be found.  

Soul Spark.png

Meet the SoulSpark Team

Our committed team will back you up, stand by your side, and advocate for you tirelessly. We collaborate closely with families and experts through education, action, and endless love, ensuring that every child's potential shines bright.


SoulSpark Partners

Beljan Psychological Services

SoulSpark is proud to partner with Beljan Psychological Services. Pediatric Neuropsychology is an essential partnership between brain health and behavior in children. Our clinical neuropsychologists specialize in assessing intellect, executive functioning, academics, and social skills to unlock your child's full potential. With a tailored approach to each child, we're dedicated to uncovering what drives them forward.

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